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School of Chemistry

2001. ╣ 532. Issue 7(30).


G. Zundel
Proton Polarizability of Hydrogen Bonds and Hydrogen Bonded Systems.


R. P. Pantaler, T. I. Ivkova, L. V. Gudzenko, O. V. Gayduk, A. B. Blank
Test-methods for analyzing environmental objects, technological solutions, narcotic and psychotropic preparations.


T. O. Kuznetsova, V. O. Cheranovskii
Thermodynamics of liquid films described by 2D Ising model with competing interactions.

Yu. V. Kholin, ╬. └. Zhikol, D. S. Konyaev, Yu. V. Shabaeva
The hydration processes in the systems containing n-propylamine and hydrogen chloride.

V. V. Ivanov, L. Adamowicz, L. A. Sleta, A. A. Tolstaya
Coupled cluster method based on multiconfigurational model space. Some test results.

S. I. Kotelevskii, Yu. F. Pedash
Quantum-chemical modelling of excited state geometries, abnormally large Stokes shifts and multiple fluorescence of triphenyl-sym-triazoles.

A. V. Luzanov, Yu. F. Pedash, A. Yu. Semenov, D. S. Konyaev
The ground state electronic properties of some moderate-size -systems in exact many-electron treatment.

P. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, G. A. Khomenko, W. B. J. Zimerman
Fast heterogeneous catalytic reactions in a batch reactor: perturbative approach.


V. N. Kolesnikov, B. A. Yudin
Compositional materials for low voltage electrical devices contacts and ways of improving their quality.


L. P. Eksperiandova, I. I. Fokina, V. D. Panikarskaya, A. B. Blank
Glassy radiating elements on the base of sacchrose: preparation and physical-chemical properties.

G. A. Babich, A. B. Blank, E. P. Kisil
Using the polarography as a phase analysis method of cadmium tungstate charge and monocrystals. Determination of unbound cadmium oxide.


I. M. Gella, Amadou Razack Yaya, V. D. Orlov
2-pyrazolines on the basis of diarylidene-cyclohexanes. Synthesis and stereochemistry of partially hydrogenated N-arylindazoles.

V. D. Orlov, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, M. A. Aziz, N. N. Orlova
Fluorescent indicators for the low pH region: derivatives of 1-[4-(4-sulfophenylazo)phenylene]-3-aryl-2-pyrazoline.

A. P. Shkumat
Reactivity of methylketones series of benzene, furan and thiophene in the condensation with 4-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde.

A. A. Karasyov, Z. A. Sizova, L. L. Lukatskaya, M. I. Rubtsov, A. O. Doroshenko
Theoretical modelling of acid-base interactions of 3-hetarylcoumarins.

A. D. Roshal, T. V. Sakhno
Theoretical analysis of the structure of 5-hydroxyflavonol complexes with metal ions and boron derivatives.


N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, Yu. V. Isaenko
The influence of the chemical nature of microemulsion components on the apparent dissociation constant of the indicator bound to microdroplets.

E. A. Samoilov, S. A. Shapovalov, V. I. Larin, Y. S. Kiseliova
Thermodynamics of electrochemical equilibrium between metallic copper and Cl--containing solution.

E. V. Datskevich
Thermodynamic characteristics of viscous flow of aqueous glucose solutions in the presence of electrolyte.

A. P. Krasnopyorova, A. Y. Lonin, G. D. Yuhno, L. T. Lebedeva, N. V. Daletskaya
Sorption-selective properties of natural zeolite clinoptilolite with respect to radionuclides 90Sr and 137Cs.


M. D. Tkalenko, V. S. Kublanovsky, D. A. Tkalenko, A. A. Kolomiets
Electrolyte concentration variations at electrode during cathodic oxygen reduction in aqueous solutions.

V. S. Kublanovsky, A. V. Galushkin
Activation energy of the anodic dissolution of copper.

V. V. Djelaly, V. I. Rubtsov, V. I. Larin
Calculation of parameters of Frumkin isotherm for the adsorption of tetraethylammonium iodide on a polycrystalline cadmium electrode.

V. V. Djelaly, V. I. Larin
Nonlinear equations in electrochemical kinetics and calibration principle.

E. B. Khobotova, V. I. Larin, M. A. Dobriyan, V. V. Datsenko
The anodic dissolution of ferrum-copper alloys in alkali solutions.

V. I. Larin, E. B. Khobotova, M. A. Dobriyan, V. V. Datsenko
Electrochemical behaviour of brasses L-62 in solutions of various composition.

A. A. Pravda, A. P. Radchenkova, S. V. Pshenichnaya, V. I. Larin
Copper elektrodeposition from a nitrate electrolyte in a presence of ligands.


┼. └. Posokhov, Ď. P. Boyko, D. A. Bevziuk
Ortho-hydroxy derivatives of 2,5-diphenyl-1,3-ţxazole and 2,5-diphenyl-1,3,4-ţxadiazole as fluorescent probes for toxicological investigations of model biomembranes.

Yu. V. Kholin, A. V. Panteleimonov, L. P. Loginova
The unification of parameter sets obtained in several sets of measurements and containing rough estimations.


N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, O. N. Tychina, T. A. Berezhnaya, O. V. Vezdenyova
Dissociation of organic acids and indicator dyes in a mixture of butan-1-ol (82 mass. %) with water.


V. I. Lebed, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Nikolay Nikolaevich BEKETOV (to the 175th anniversary of birth and 90th anniversary of death).

V. F. Lavrushin
Nikolay Avksentevich Valyasko (to the 130th anniversary).

N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Gavriil Efimovich Timofeyev (to the 120th anniversary).

B. M. Krasovitskiy, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Leon Mikhaylovich Andreasov (to the 110th anniversary of birth and 25th anniversary of death).

A. Ya. Ilchenko, I. L. Mushkalo, Yu. L. Slominskiy, A. I. Tolmachev
Teachers ideas are alive (to the 105th anniversary of academician A. I. Kiprianov).

T. Ya. Velikanova, E. A. Beloborodova
Valentin Nikiforovich Eremenko (to the 90th anniversary).

A. F. Popov, V. A. Savyolova
Academician of the Ukraininan Academy of Sciences L. M. Litvinenko (to the 80th anniversary).

V. I. Lebed
Gennadiy Alekseyevich Krestov (to the 70th anniversary).

A. V. Drozd, I. M. Baskir, A. B. Blank, A. A. Bugaevskiy
Ivan Grigorevich Perkov (to the 70th anniversary).

T. A. Berezhnaya
Boris Nikolaevich Bezpaliy (to the 60th anniversary).

V. D. Orlov, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
The 85th anniversary of proffesor B. M. Krasovitskiy.

L. D. Patsenker
Boris Markovich Krasovitskiy.

A. F. Popov
To the 60th anniversary of Evgeniy Vladimirovich Titov.

The 100th anniversary of department of physical chemistry of National technical university of Ukraine (Kiev polytechnical institute).

Yuriy Yakovlevich Fialkov.

In memory of Vasiliy Danilovich Bezugliy.


V. D. Orlov, L. P. Loginova
On the activity of the academic board D 64. 051. 14.