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School of Chemistry

2002. ╣ 549. Issue 8(31).


N. Funasaki
Chemistry and applications of cyclodextrin complexes.


V. V. Ivanov, D. I. Lyakh
The automated generation of coupled cluster diagrams. Cluster expansion which includes three particle excitations.

V. V. Ivanov, L. A. Sleta, A. A. Tolstaya
└cceleration of the convergence of iteration process in coupled cluster method by using DIIS interpolation scheme.

D. I. Bordiyan, G. B. Litinskiy
Thermodynamics of the primitive mixture of dipolar hard spheres. The model for the hindered molecular rotation.

A. L. Bessonov, G. B. Litinskiy
Dielectric properties of carbonic acids. The model for the hindered molecular rotation.

└. ╬. Doroshenko
Ortho-POPOP fluorescence anisotropy: additional arguments in favor of discrete model for S1*-state structural relaxation.


A. V. Mirniy, I. M. Gella, V. D. Orlov
Dithiomethylenation of substituted dihydrothiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidin-3-ones.

N. N. Kolos, B. V. Paponov, V. D. Orlov
1,2-Diaminoazoles in reactions with ?,?-unsaturated ketones.

A. D. Dyachenko, S. M. Desenko, V. D. Dyachenko
Synthesis of a new Michael adduct and its transformation in the substituted thiazoles and 5-cyano-6-ethylthio-3,4-dihydro-4-(spirocyclohexane)pyridine-2(1H)-one.

V. D. Dyachenko, R. P. Tkachyov
Synthesis and some reactions of substituted N-phenylnicotinamides.


A. Yu. Kulikov, A. G. Verushkin
High-performance liquid chromatography in pharmaceutical analysis. System suitability test.

L. P. Loginova, M. V. Chub, I. G. Bogomolets, R. F. Golub, T. B. Posashkova.
The use of working standards for composition in chromatographic quality control of natural gas.

V. A. Naumenko, O. G. Masliy, S. I. Grishko
Gas chromatographic determination of the total content of petroleum products in waters.

O. I. Yurchenko, N. P. Titova, L. A. Yurchenko, S. V. Radkov
Increasing sensitivity and selectivity of atomic absorption determinataion of platinum.

└. ┼. Vasyukov
Metal admixtures in bottom sediment: their composition and sources of coming to surface water body.


S. M. Kiyko, A. A. Guzhva, V. V. Urgunseva, V. I. Larin
Spectroscopic investigation of H-bonds in diethyleneglycol and diethylene triamine.

N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, I. N. Palval, E. M. Nikiforova, A. V. Lebed
On the problem of changeability of the picrate electronic spectrum in media of low polarity.


K. B. Vodolazhskii, N. I. Voronkina, A. V. Tolmachev
The influence of 2-heptadecyl-5-(p-biphenylyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole on PMMA and PVCa monolayers state parameters.

I. V. Khristenko, Yu. V. Kholin, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Probing the surface of aminosilicas by solvatochromic betaine Reichardts dye.

A. P. Krasnopyorova, G. D. Yuhno, L. T. Lebedeva, N. V. Daletskaya, A. Y. Lonin
Sorption-selective properties of some synthetic zeolites with respect to radionuclides 90Sr and 137Cs.

Yu. V. Isaenko, S. T. Goga, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Ionic equilibria of 4-(2,4,6-triphenylpyridinium-1)-phenoxide derivatives in microemulsions oil in water.

Yu. V. Isaenko, N. A. Vodolazkaya, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Reichadts betaine indicators as solvatochromic probes for examination of micellar solutions of colloidal surfactants.

N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, A. V. Timiy, N. A. Vodolazkaya
Ionization and tautomerism of fluorescein dyes in mixed micellar solutions.

S. T. Goga, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, E. N. Glazkova
The influence of counter-ions nature on the structure of micellar solutions of cetylpyridinium.


S. A. Kravchenko, M. D. Tkalenko, D. A. Tkalenko, N. A. Chmilenko
On the determinant role of passivating phenomena at using corrosion inhibitors.

V. I. Larin, E. B. Khobotova, S. V. Pshenichnaya, A. A. Borodkina
The kinetics of copper anodic dissolution in cloride solutions. The region of active dissolution.

O. V. Sidorenko, N. S. Opaleva, V. I. Larin
Kinetic conditions of corrosion-electrochemical processes on aluminium and its alloy in electrolyte solutions of various character.


B. M. Krasovitskiy, I. N. Vunik, V. A. Starodub
╠ark Samoylovich Novakovskiy (to the 100th anniversary).

V. D. Orlov
Vladimir Fedorovich Lavrushin.

A. P. Krasnopyorova
50-Unniversary of izotops chemistry laboratory of physical chemistry department of Kharkov National University.

N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
70 years ago. (VI Mendeleev congress on theoretical and applied chemistry, Kharkov, 1932).

N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
45 years ago.