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School of Chemistry

2016. Issue 27(50).

A.Yu. Kharchenko
Composition of the sodium dodecylsulfate – 1-pentanol mixed micelles as determined using acid-base indicators .

A.V. Luzanov and M.M. Kukuiev
Definite chirality measures from electron torsion: application to helical molecules.

V.S. Farafonov, A.V. Lebed
Molecular dynamics simulation study of cetylpyridinum chloride and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide micelles .

K.V. Goloviznina, O.N. Kalugin
Possibility and reliability of conductometric determination of limiting ionic conductivities and complexation constants in solutions of 1-1 electrolytes in non-aqueous solvents with neutral ligands.

O.A. Korniienko, E.R. Andrievskaya, J.D. Bogatyryova, S.F. Korychev
Phase equilibria in the ZrO2–Dy2O3 system at 1100 to 1500 °C.

V.N. Kotlyar, V.D. Orlov, A.O. Doroshenko
Electronic absorption spectroscopy of the benzimidazolic analogs of chalcone.

M.A. Kolosov, E.H. Shvets, A.V. Podvorotnyaya, V.D. Orlov
Synthesis of acylmethanesulfonamides by Claisen reaction.

A.P. Shkumat, V.V. Semenchenko
The search of new luminophores with predetermined physicochemical and chemical properties. ÕII. N-Sudstituted polyacrylamide and copolymers N-getarylsudstituted acrylamide, getarylacrylate, acrylamide and acrylic acid.

O.I. Yurchenko, A.N. Baklanov, L.V. Baklanova, T.V. Chernozhuk
Electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry in direct determination of tin in brines, sodium chloride and table salt samples.

O.I. Yurchenko, N.P. Titova, Sabir Karwan Salih Sabir, T.V. Chernozhuk
Atomic absorption and atomic emission with inductively coupled plasma determination of copper in petroleum products.

S.T. Goga, Yu.V. Isaenko
Solubility of cetyltrimethylammonium perchlorate in methanol, acetone, and their mixtures with water at 298.15 K.

On the centenary of birth of B. M. Krasovitsky.

On the 85 anniversary of birth of professor Yu. Ya. Fialkov.

On the 80 anniversary of birth of V. M. Koshkin.

N.O. Mchedlov-Petrosyan
Review of the book “Introduction to Applied Colloid and Surface Chemistry”.