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School of Chemistry

2008. 820. Issue 16(39).


Avram Borisovich Blank.

O. V. Gayduk, L. V. Gudzenko, T. I. Ivkova, R. P. Pantaler, A. B. Blank
Content control of activating additives of cerium, neodymium and europium in scintillation materials by spectrophotometry.

G. A. Babich, A. B. Blank, E. P. Kisil, L. I. Philippovich
Voltammetric determination of lead as main component from the small weights of some functional materials.

T. A. Blank, L. P. Eksperiandova
Development of modern methods for chemical substances aquametry.

A. G. Revenko
X-ray fluorescent method in geology: sample preparation and ways of the analysis.

S. B. Meshkova, A. V. Kiriyak, Z. M. Topilova, S. M. Levshov
Ways of increasing the sensitivity of the luminescent determination of lanthanides with the use of their complex compounds.

Le Kong Hoan, L. P. Loginova, A. P. Boichenko, O. S. Chernysheva, A. I. German
The effect of micellar media of surfactants on the protolytic properties of some amino acids.

K. N. Belikov
Analytical control of Ce content in CsCexGd2-xCl7 single crystals by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry.

Pylypiuk N. M., Shevchenko N. V., Valkarius A., Zaitsev V. M.
Sorption extraction coupled with atomic absorption spectrometry (SE-AAS) using silica modified with ethylendiamintriacetic acid for determination of Cu(II), Pb(II) and Cd(II) in Kiev artesian water.

A. V. Drozd, T. S. Tishakova
Determination of iodate- and periodate ions by potentiostatic coulometry with platinum electrode.

S. V. Khimchenko, L. P. Eksperiandova
Selectivity increase of visual test determination of perchlorates in natural water by means of removal from humates and anionic surfactants.

O. I. Yurchenko, A. A. Shkumat, N. P. Titova, N. V. Ovcharenko
Atomic-absorption and inductively coupled plasma atomic-emission determination of cadmium in oil products.

A. S. Alemasova, K. S. Lugovoi
Carbonization technique using flame-furnace atomizer for atomic absorption determination of Pb and Cd in food.

D. I. Alexandrova, A. V. Egorova, Yu. V. Skripinets, V. P. Gorodnuk, V. P. Antonovich, I. V. Ukrainets
Luminescent determination of dexamethasone sodium phosphate with the use of Tb (III) complex compound.

I. V. Stoyanova, N. A. Chivireva, V. P. Antonovich, E. V. Timuhin, S. M. Levsov, A. O. Stoyanov
Capabilities of diffuse-reflectance spectroscopy for qualitative determination of some lanthanides in oxide and fluoride materials.

A. N. Chebotarev, . S. Efimova
4-sulfo-2(4`-sulfonaphthalene-1`-azo)naphthol-1 ? the redox-reagent for spectrophotometric determination of Mercury (II).

A. E. Vasuykov, A. G. Garbuz
Voltamperometrical determination of Fe(III) in wastewater.

E. A. Reshetnyak, N. N. Nemetz, A. V. Panteleimonov, E. A. Shugay, Yu. V. Kholin
Development of a reference sample for visual binary testing of Fe(III) in groundwater.

O. I. Yurchenko, Yu. V. Kholin, N. I. Shevtsov, E. V. Grishina
Possible application of metal acetylacetonates in emission spectroscopy analysis of aluminium oxide.

A. M. Frolova, M. A. Chukhlieb, . V. Drobot, A. P. Krohmal, A. P. Boichenko, L. P. Loginova
Producing thin monolithic layers of inorganic sorbent by sol-gel synthesis.

E. S. Yanovskaya, V. . Tertykh, V. I. Karmanov, . D. Dadashev, . V. Odinets, . Yu. Kichkiruk
Highly sensitive sorption-X-ray fluorescence determination of lead, cadmium and mercury in natural water with the use of chemically modified silica.

A. P. Boichenko, . . Gadzheriga, V. V. Markov, Le Thi Kim Dung, Hoan Le Cong, L. P. Loginova
Dissociation constants of acetic, 1-propanoic, 1-butanoic, 1-pentanoic, 1-hexanoic, mono- and trichloroacetic acids in aqueous and micellar solutions of sodium dodecylsulfate and Brij 35.

O. A. Zaporozhets, I. A. Kachan, L. S. Zinko, J. . Bas
Immobilization of molybdo-phosphoric, molybdo-antimono-phosphoric and molybdo-silicic heteropoly acids onto silica via adsorption.

M. V. Prezhdo, L. P. Loginova, M. Jagiello, V. V. Zubkova
Influence of substitute nature on extraction of phenol derivatives by organic solvents.


A. V. Luzanov
Using cumulant analysis for entropic complexity measures.

V. V. Ivanov
About procedure of the spin adaptation of the coupled cluster equations.

G. B. Litinskii
Dielectric properties of dipolar hard sphere liquid. The theory of associative equilibria.


Ju. V. Harchenko, O. S. Detistov, V. D. Orlov
Polycyclic systems containing 1,2,4-oxadiazole ring. 3. 3-(1,2,4-Oxadiazol-5-yl)pyridin-2(1H)-ones - synthesis and prediction of biological activity.

D. A. Vulfova, R. Yu. Ilyashenko, Z. A. Syzova, L. L. Lukatskaya, A. O. Doroshenko
2-(5-[4-dimethylaminophenyl]-2-oxazolyl)-benzoic acid as fluorescent sensor for water in organic solvents.

. J. Marrugo Gonzalez, V. D. Orlov, . Y. tsakov
2-pyrazolines with 8-hydroxyquinoline substitute.

L. Zamigaylo, N. Kolos
The one-pot synthesis of 3,4-diarylsubstituted imidazolin-2-ones upon dimedone, arylglyoxals and ureas.

Shkumat A. P., Berezhnoy A. Y.
The search of new luminophores with predetermined physicochemical and chemical properties. VII. 3-N-(R-salicylidene)-7-hydroxyaminocoumarins and 5H-hromeno-[3,4-b]piridine-5-ones.

B. V. Paponov, A. G. Remishevskaya, O. V. Shishkin, S. V. Shishkina
The synthesis of 3,4-dibezylidene-derivatives of 3,4,5-triamino-1,2,4-triazole.

D. A. Svechkarev, V. N. Baumer, A. O. Doroshenko
Alternative hydrogen bonding and proton phototransfer reaction in the molecule of 2-(quinolin-2-yl)-3-hydroxychromone.


D. Yu. Filatov, S. T. Goga, A. V. Lebed, P. V. Efimov, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Ionic equilibria of picric acid, hydrogen chloride, and potassium benzoate in acetone-DMSO mixture (mol. ratio 95:5).

T. L. Andryuschenko, N. V. Efimova, A. P. Krasnopyorova, A. V. Cherny, G. D. Yukhno
Solubility of potassium thiocyanate in glycols 2(22)n2.

V. I. Rubtsov, D. N. Bolshakov
Advantages of the joint calculation of independent electrometrical measurements.

V. I. Rubtsov, T. A. Nepokupnaya
The method of the estimation of the thermodynamics of individual ions on the base of properties of hexacyanoferrate (II) and hexacyanoferrate (III) ions.

O. V. Larina, N. V. Bondarev, A. P. Kern
The equilibrium yield of coronates (18-crown-6NaCl, 18-crown-6KCl) in water-methanol and water-propan-2-ol solvents and effects of a medium.

S. V. Eltsov, Z. V. Barsova
Ionization of long-chain fatty acids in micellar solutions of surfactants.

O. Yu. Sytnik, N. V. Efimova, A. P. Krasnopyorova
Volume properties of the system polyethylene-glycole 400-1,2 propandiol.

P. V. Efimov
Limit partial molar volume of single-atom ions in solutions.

I. S. Zaitseva, P. V. Efimov, V. Yu. Holodova, A. M. Zholnovach
Quantitative estimation of macrocyclic effect.

O. N. Lukavenko, S. V. Eltsov
Solubility and solvation of oxazole derivatives in mixed water-ethanol solvent.


V. I. Larin, L. M. Egorova, E. B. Khobotova, V. V. Datsenko, M. A. Dobriyan
The study of processes of chemical and electrochemical copper dissolution in ferric (III) chloride solutions.

V. S. Kublanovsky, Yu. K. Pirsky, V. N. Kokozai, D. V. Shevchenko, E. V. Ischenko
Pirolysis products of heterobimetallic Cu/Mn and Ni/Mn complexes as electrocatalysts of oxygen reduction.

T. S. Lukaschuk, V. I. Larin
The influence of saline solution composition on corrosive and anodic aluminium behaviour.

E. B. Khobotova, V. I. Larin, L. M. Egorova, V. V. Datsenko, M. A. Dobriyan
The study of passivation processes under the copper dissolution in ferric (III) chloride solutions in different regimes.

A. Yu. Nuzhny
Corrosion resistance of low-antimony cadmium-content lead alloys.

Y. O. Samoilov, S. A. Shapovalov, V. I. Laryn
Measuring the temperature effects of electrochemical reactions on the polarized boundary electrode - solution in the system u-uSO4-H2O.

A. A. Pravda, A. P. Radchenkova, V. I. Larin
Influence of glycine on the processes of copper electroplating with the help of nitrate containing electrolyte.


A. P. Shkumat
Viktor Konstantinovich Polyakov (to the 70-th anniversary of birth).

In memory of B. M. Krasovitskiy.

S. M. Kiiko, A. P. Kern
In memory of E. F. Ivanova.

Yu. Kholin, L. Miroshnik, V. Tischenko
In memory of Dr. I. K. Ischenko.