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School of Chemistry

2017. Issue 28(51).

V.S. Farafonov, A.V. Lebed, N.O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan
Solvatochromic Reichardt’s dye in micelles of sodium cetyl sulfate: MD modeling of location character and hydration.

A.Yu. Kharchenko, O.G. Moskaeva
Influence of the ionic and non-ionic additives on the acid strength of neutral red in the aqueous solutions of poly (sodium 4-styrenesulfonate).

Ì.Î. Onizhuk, V.V. Ivanov, A.V. Panteleimonov., Yu.V. Kholin
Hydration free energies of the silica silanol groups in the density functional theory.

V.V. Ivanov
L1-regularized solutions of coupled cluster theory equations. Test system F2.

A.V. Luzanov
Electron-topological indexes for SiC nanoclusters and other carbon-containing systems.

M.A. Kolosov, Î.H. Shvets, V.D. Orlov
Synthesis and reduction of 6-nitroso-5,7-dimethyl-4,7 dihydro[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine.

V.M. Kotlyar, D.V. Nikolaevsky, O.O. Kolomoicev, Î.V. Buravov, V.D. Orlov
Non-symmetric substituted ethylenediamines.

O.V. Smirnova, I.V. Efimova, I.O. Opeida
Spectral study of ascorbic acid forms in radical chain oxidation processes in aprotic medium.

V.S. Òolkunov, Î.V. Smirnova, A.S. Tolkunov, S.V. Tolkunov
Synthesis of functionally substituted of 5-aryl-1,2,4-triazol-3-ones.

S.A. Konovalova, A.P. Avdeenko, O.N. Lysenko
Cycloaddition of 2,3-dimethyl-1,3-butadiene to 1,4-benzoquinonemonoimine derivatives.

O.I. Yurchenko, L.V. Baklanova, T.V. Chernozhuk, A.N. Baklanov
The use of ultrasound at electrothermal atomicabsorption analysis of bakery products on toxic elements.

V.V. Mishchenchuk, M.M. Tkackuk, V.D. Yuzkova, V.V. Nechyporuk
Improvement of the RDE stationary voltammetry method by consideration the electroactive components migration.

A.O. Zulfigarov, A.A. Andriiko, S.V. Kovalchyk, A.G. Grebenyuk, I.S. Kyzevanova, V.A. Potaskalov
Spectroscopic study of complex compounds of cobalt(III) - nikel(II) with monoethanolamine.

A.N. Laguta, S.V. Eltsov
Micellar effects in kinetics of interaction of malachite green and brilliant green with water.

In memoriam: Professor Yu. V. Kholin (4.04.1962 – 1.05.2017).