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School of Chemistry

2016. Issue 26(49).

Y. Korniyenko , Y. Posokhov
A set of fluorescent probes to study the influence of low molecular weight cryoprotectants on human erythrocyte membranes .

A. Yu. Kharchenko, O. G. Moskaeva
The acid-base equilibrium of cationic dyes in the aqueous solutions of poly (sodium 4-styrenesulfonate).

Z. A. Syzova, A. A. Karasyov, L. L. Lukatskaya, A. O. Doroshenko
Acid-base and spectral properties of 3 (benzothiazolyl-2)cumarins and their imino analogs .

V. V. Chekanova, Yu. S. Pakhomova, A. M. Kompaniets
Micelle formation in the solutions oxyethylated glycerol and combined medias on their base .

A. N. Laguta, S. V. Eltsov
Solvent effect on the kinetics of nucleophilic addition of hydroxide ion to triphenylmethane dyes .

M. I. Berdnyk, V. V. Ivanov
L1 -regularization in quantum chemistry. The π-electron coupled cluster doubles theory .

Ì. Î. Onizhuk, V. V. Ivanov, Y. V. Kholin, A. V. Panteleimonov
Quantum chemical evaluation of dissociation constants. Test calculations .

V. S. Farafonov, A. V. Lebed
Investigating localization of a tetrapropylammonium ion in a micellar solution of sodium dodecylsulfate by means of molecular dynamics simulation .

E. S. Kartashynska, Yu. B. Vysotsky
Peculiarities of the dendritic growth of N-acylsubstituted alanine monolayers at the air/water interface. Quantum-chemical approach .

O. I. Yurchenko, N. P. Titova, Mohammad Salih Hama Karim, T. V. Chernozhuk
Consistency of atomic absorption and atomic emission with inductively-coupled plasma results for analytes determination in waters of different origin .

On the centenary of birth. V. V. Alexandrov .

A. I. Korobov, N. O. Mchedlov-Petrosyan
The Knight of colloid chemistry. On the centenary of birth of S. G. Teletov .