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School of Chemistry

2014. ¹ 1123. Issue 23(46).

T. A. Cheipesh, Yu. V. Taranets, N. O. Mchedlov–Petrossyan
Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of dilaurylfluorescein in aqueous ethanol and micellar solution of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide.

E. V. Pushkarevskaya, T. G. Beynik, N. A. Vodolazkaya
The differentiating impact of micellar solution of dimeric surfactant and fumed silica nanoparticles modified by cationic dimeric surfactant on acidic ionization of sulfonephthalein indicators..

K. V. Roshchyna, U. L. Litvinova, S. V. Eltsov
Micellar effects in kinetics of reaction of alkaline hydrolysis p-nitrophenylpalmitate.

V. L. Cherginets, T. P. Rebrova, V. A. Naumenko, T. V. Ponomarenko
Polythermal investigation of carbohalogenation process of molten KBr-LiBr (0.4:0.6) eutectic.

N. N. Kamneva, O. S. Bykova
The influence of the micellar medium of aethonium on the spectral and protolytic properties of a set of indicator dyes.

Ya. A. Svisheva, S. A. Shapovalov
Dissimilar association of cationic dyes with humic acids in aqueous solutions.

O. S. Chernysheva, J. A. Maslova
Effect of sodium n-dodecyl sulfate micellar medium on protolytic properties of D,L-methionine, D,L-serine and their 2,4-dinitrophenyl derivatives.

O. Yu. Konovalova, V. V. Timchenko, N. A. Nikitina
eparation and determination of food dyes Å 110 and Å 122 by gel electrophoresis.

I. V. Kudris, A. Yu. Kulikov, O. S. Chernyshova
The relative retention time variability evaluation for flavonoids retention on C18 chromatography columns.

G. D. Yukhno, A. P. Krasnopyorova, V. D. Trifonov
Phase equilibrium in systems poly-N-vinylpyrrolidone – inorganic salts – water.