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School of Chemistry

2013. 1085. Issue 22(45).


A. V. Luzanov
Inducing radicaloid structures by extremal fields. Using simple nonempirical and semiempirical approaches..

V. V. Tokarev, V. O. Cheranovskii
The energy spectrum and thermodynamics of one dimensional spin models for ferrimagnets on the base of transition metal complexes.

T. V. Chernozhuk, O. N. Kalugin, Ya. V. Kolesnik
Microstructure and dynamics of single charged ions in propylene carbonate.


. A. Kolosov, . G. Kulyk, L. V. Chepeleva, V. D. Orlov
Ethylation of 5-acetyl-5-methyl-7-phenyl-4,7-dihydro[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine.

N. N. los, D. I. Nikishin, N. V. Chechina, L. L. Zamigaylo
Synthesis of pyrimidine-2,4,6-trion and 2-thioxopyrimidin-4,6-dione with imidazolidine fragment.

V. V. Vinogradov, A. N. Nicholas, E. I. Khigan
Antioxidant activity of piridilgidrazones aromatic aldehydes.

A. P. Shkumat, S. A. Vlasenko
The search of new luminophores with predetermined physicochemical and chemical properties. . 1-(R-2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)propenones and 1-phenyl-3-(R-2-hydroxyphenyl)-5-(4-dimethylaminophenyl)-2-pyrozolines.


N. O. Mchedlov-Petrossyan, N. N. Kamneva, A. Yu. Kharchenko, N. A. Vodolazkaya, V. I. Alekseeva
Determination of interfacial electrostatic potentials of surfactant micelles using acid-base indicators: results and limitations.

N. A. Vodolazkaya
Protolytic equilibria and spectral characteristics of fluorescein isothiocyanate in different liquid media.

V. A. Koverga, B. A. Marekha, O. N. Kalugin, A. Idrissi
Interparticle interactions in mixtures of [BmIm][PF6] with γ-butyrolactone.

E. V. Pushkarevskaya, S. V. Shekhovtsov, N. A. Vodolazkaya
Acid-base equilibria of sulfonephthalein indicators in micellar solutions of cationic dimeric surfactant.

T. A. Cheipesh
Some approaches to spectrophotometric data processing. Calculation of ionization constants of tribasic and tetrabasic fluorescein dyes.

V. L. Cherginets, V. A. Naumenko, T. V. Ponomarenko, T. P. Rebrova
Effect of chloride melt acidity on kinetics of the carbochlorination process.

K. V. Roshchina, S. V. Eltsov
Micellar effects in the kinetics of reaction between phenolphthalein and hydroxide ion. (1) The effect of nonionic and anionic surfactants.

A. N. Laguta, S. V. Eltsov
Micellar effects in the kinetics of reaction between phenolphthalein and hydroxide ion. (2) The effect of cationic and zwitterionic surfactants.

A. V. Riabchunova, Ie. O. Gavriukova, . V. Lukinova, O. N. Kalugin
Electrical conductance and solvation of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium trifluoromethane sulfonate in propylene carbonate.

A. P. Krasnopyorova, G. D. Yukhno, A. N. Lyapunov, E. P. Bezuglaya
The volume properties of the twocomponent system n-methylpyrrolidone - ethanol.

V. V. Stetsyk
The refinement of limiting molar conductivities of weak acids and bases.

V. I. Bulavin, I. N. Vyunnik, A. E. Savysko
Near hydration of ions in infinitely dilute solutions of hydrogen halogens: influence of temperature and pressure.


. S. Tkachenko, I. V. Khristenko, . . Mikhraliieva, . V. Panteleimonov, Yu. V. Kholin
The influence of surfactant nature on the structural, morphological and sorption properties of ormosils with immobilized aminogroups.

. . Yanovska, V. N. Kuznetsov, A. S. Stanislavov, S. N. Danilchenko, L. F. Sukhodub
Hydroxyapatite coatings formation on Ti6Al4V substrates from aqueous solutions with various ionic composition.

O. S. Bezkrovnyi, N. V. Babayevskaya, P. V. Mateychenko, O. M. Vovk, Yu. N. Savvin, O. K. Kapustnyk
The structure, morphology and electrical properties of Ni1-xLixO films, prepared by sol-gel method.

T. V. Solodovnk, Y. N. Kurylenko, O. V. Egorova
Investigation of the structure and kinetics of swelling chitosan films.


. . ravda, T. S. Lukashchuk, V. I. Larin, A. P. Radchenkova
Kinetics and mechanism of cathode copper precipitation from nitrate electrolyte solutions.


E. A. Reshetnyak, V. M. Shevchenko, I. . Pastushkina, P. M. Zagrzewski, Ya. A. Bondarenko, I. V. Vlasova, V. M. Ostrovskaya
Separate sorption-spectroscopic determination of Pb(II), Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cd(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) in their mixture using the reagent indicator paper.

O. I. Yurchenko, L. V. Baklanova, O. M. Baklanov, M. O. Dobriyan
Sonoluminescent spectroscopy in the automated system of efficient and safe work of vacuum-evaporating apparatus.

O. I. Yurchenko, L. V. Baklanova, A. N. Baklanov, M. A. Dodriyan
Ultrasound at producing of fluoridized kitchen salt.

O. I. Yurchenko, M. A. Khasanova, M. A. Dobriyan, T. V. Chernozhuk
Study of the quality of pharmaceutical products using potentiometric titrator.