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Instructions for Authors

Instructions for authors

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V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

School of Chemistry

Instructions for authors

Papers in Ukrainian, Russian and English are published. These may be
- invited papers;
- review papers (require preliminary agreement with Editors);
- regular papers;
- brief communications.

In preparing the manuscript it is mandatory to keep the statement on the publication ethics and malpractice, which can be found on this web-site and in each issue.

It is desirable that each paper includes abstracts in three languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Any style of references is acceptable, but all references within the paper must be given in the same style. In addition, the second, transliterated, list of references is required if at least one original reference is given in Cyrillic. See section "Transliteration" for details.

Please use papers of previous issues as samples when prepare the manuscript. The MS Word format is used. Standard fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, Symbol) are preferable. Figures and diagrams are required in vector formats. Figure captions are given separately. All figures, tables and equations are numbered. Please use MS Equation Editor or MathType to prepare mathematical equations and ISIS Draw to prepare chemical formulas and equations. The decimal point (not coma) is accepted in the journal. Please avoid any kind of formatting when prepare the manuscript.

Manuscripts may be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief via e-mail.


Statement on the publication ethics and malpractice

The Editorial Board has been doing its best to keep the ethical standards adopted by the world scientific community and to prevent the publication malpractice of any kind. This policy is considered to be an imperative condition for the fruitful contribution of the journal in the development of the modern network of knowledge in chemistry and boundary fields. The activity of the Editorial Board in this respect is based, in particular, on the recommendations of the Committee of Publication Ethics and valuable practice of world-leading journals and publishers. The submission of a manuscript implies that it contains new significant scientific results obtained by authors that where never published before. Each paper is peer reviewed by at least two independent experts who are completely free to express their motivated critical comments on the level of the research, its novelty, reliability, readability and relevance to the journal scope. These comments are the background for the final decision about the paper. Once the manuscript is accepted, it becomes the open-access paper, and the copyright remains with authors. All participants of the review process are strongly asked to disclose conflicts of interest of any kind (financial, academic, personal, etc.). Any indication of plagiarism or fraudulent research receives extremely serious attention from the side of the Editorial Board, as well as authorship disputes and groundless subdivision of the results into several small papers. Confirmed plagiarism or fraudulent research entail the categorical rejection of the manuscript.